Pricing Information

Our prices are approximately $13-14 per window.

Larger windows, excessively-dirty windows, French-style windows, and double windows cost more.

Storm windows or city quiet windows are counted as an additional window. Additional charges may
also apply if the glass in your windows requires the removal of glue and/or requires the scraping of paint from the window panes.

If we have difficulty with access because of screws, blockades, gates and/or child guards, then this will add to your cost, as well. We can also clean the frames of the windows for a charge of approximately $6-$12 per frame; depending on the size of the window.

Screen cleaning is approximately $5 per screen. We put down a drop cloth, remove the screens from their tracks, wet the screen with a washer wand and then wipe them clean with a special drying cloth that absorbs the dirt.

The image below shows a few different style of windows and how each window is counted. Although the image is provided, and shows a number of windows per type. It is better to call and ask for an estimate or explanation of the window count from one of our experienced professionals.